General Update #1

Having had a lot of time to think things out, I have decided upon a major shift in the shorts I release on this blog.

To focus on the films that are more accessible to the public is first and foremost my main objective.

This includes DVDs and films released On Demand. Anyone can get them and they’re normally cheaper than going to the cinema. Case solved.

In this case, On Demand can mean anything – from the mainstream releases and originals of Netflix to the indie/classics of BFI Player… hell, even Sky Cinema.

If a major film is released, of course a cinema review is in order. But you gotta remember: I’m a poor boy from a poor family. Not everyone can get to see a film – that’s what makes it sacred… or maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get my point.

Another little series I will focus on is Free on YouTube. Some classics have no copyright and are available online for all to enjoy – but not many people know this. I’ll go through the best ones and link them into the reviews.

Heads Up will focus on what I’m looking forward to and why.

Of course, the essay features will continue. Plenty of ideas – just got to write them.

But that’s life.



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