Clegg. A man of wonder. A man of myth.

In this series, I reveal my brief, hectic social media liaisons with my good friend on what’s what in the world of film.


C: I saw Suicide Squad

ME: what did you think?

I’ve read so many bad reviews

It’s messy. Like BvS, I felt a lot of potential there, but it’s getting obscured by sloppy writing and an eagerness to please

oh dear😕

I still haven’t seen BvS lol

Even more than BvS, because they had to introduce us to a whole bunch of new characters off the bat, whereas everyone already knows who Batman and Superman are

It’s just the latest symbol of DC’s desperation in trying to captivate the public in the same way Marvel has

They just don’t understand that it’ll take time, patience and dedication to craft


cramming is bad in any situation, let alone a fucking film franchise

They literally rush through 30-second background stories in the first 15 minutes then expect us to care about them. That’s just lazy.

that’s ridiculous…

Instead, they lean on Margot Robbie for cute-quirky-teen-boner-kudos and Will Smith for being Will Smith in a movie starring Will Smith. That’d be fine (pretty cool actually) if they were a Bonnie-and-Clyde twosome act, but there’s all these other people vying for screentime so it all gets messed up

a hodge-podge of madness

it sounds like an awful script

considering there were script/filming changes in the first place, this seems badly handled by the director and studio

You know how films these days focus so much on what they’re gonna put in the trailer that the rest can seem lacklustre? To date, SS is the worst case of this I have ever seen and by a wide margin. As others have said, most of the stuff that looked so cool in the trailers ends up being rushed, forced, disjointed or downright silly in context.

Yeah I agree – I haven’t seen it, but I have a strong case of ‘Kitchen Sink Trailer’ syndrome from all the featurettes that got promoted EVERYWHERE

shame it’s even worse on the big screen though. Normally you’d get some kind of ‘ohhh that makes sense’ reaction after seeing a trailer skit in the cinema

I just want the rumours to be true, and for Affleck to direct his own Batman movie and show Snyder and these punks how it’s done

Imagine if he made it a la Argo?

that’d be one hell of a tense Batman film

Batman has to smuggle some high-profile hostages out of North Korea, and to do so he dresses them up as superheroes.

I’ll have a Best Picture combo with Sprite and curly fries, please.


That actually sounds like a cracking movie

11/10 would pay

Kim Jong-un is secretly the Penguin? PLOT TWIST


This conversation took place last month. I’ve just been too lazy to post it up till now.


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