I complied this list about a fortnight ago but thought it worthwhile to release anyway.

It’s nigh impossible to review every film you possibly could in one year, especially when it isn’t your main source of income. You’ve gotta remember I’m a poor fella sitting precariously close to the poverty tipping point, so some slack would be nice.

That said, here’s my top ten-ish 2016 films released in the UK.

      1. The Revenant – without a doubt the best cinematic experience I had last year. Acting through to shots were second to none
      2. Spotlight – the perfect cast ensemble
      3. Arrival – the sci-fi that asked the big questions about aliens with realism and integrity
      4. Room – a tense and well-acted thriller
      5. The Witch – the most original horror I have ever seen
      6. Deepwater Horizon – best blockbuster: unapologetically dramatic and fun
      7. Kubo and the Two Strings – the best animated (and adventure) film of the year
      8. Under the Shadow – another horror, this one with significantly more symbolism
      9. Zootropolis – a fantastic moral message
      10. Midnight Special – the most mysterious film of the year
      11. Victoria – a fantastic use of camera technique, a smart script and poignant ending
      12. The Big Short – funny bank crisis film that succeeded in not making me fall asleep
      13. Creed – takes the best features of sports films and utilises them to their full potential

Honourable Mentions:

      1. The Little Prince
      2. Florence Foster Jenkins
      3. Hell of High Water
      4. Everybody Wants Some!!
      5. The Hateful Eight
      6. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
      7. 10 Cloverfield Lane

The painfully long list of films I wish I’d watched:

      • Swiss Army Man
      • Elle
      • 20th Century Women
      • Neon Demon
      • Son of Saul
      • Love & Friendship
      • I, Daniel Blake
      • Nocturnal Animals
      • Paterson
      • Sully
      • American Honey
      • The Greasy Strangler
      • The Nice Guys
      • Cemetery of Splendour
      • Captain Fantastic
      • Embrace of the Serpent

Films I can’t believe I endured:

      • Batman V Superman (which I admittedly have yet to review but the trauma is still fresh)
      • Pete’s Dragon
      • Siege of Jadotville
      • Suicide Squad
      • The Girl on the Train

So yeah, 2016 was a good year for cinema.

PS. A more in depth version of this list will probably never come to light due to severe laziness.


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