The 3 Code Grade System

Rule of Thumb: Getting ‘3/5’ for at least 2 sections, or at least a ‘B-’ overall, means the film is worth a trip to the cinema (or at least the DVD); given that you’re interested, of course. A-Rated (A- to A+) are essential viewing – watch them immediately.


How does the film scratch up alongside the greats? Is it a formulaic blockbuster, an Oscar contender, or just pretentious? Techniques, direction, acting, plot & character etc. all taken into account.

* A sorry blockbuster, should be a TV movie / a failed artwork

** A standard blockbuster / a pretentious artwork

*** Nifty, stylish and smart / an idea or two

**** Several interesting ideas, imitated or original, that may stand the test of time.

***** A magnificent masterpiece of the ages.


Who is the film intended for? Does it live up to expectation?

This considers original text (book, comic, previous adaptation) or genre (drama, sci-fi etc.)

* Just complete lack of empathy

** Misuses and abuses source material

*** What was expected… nothing more, nothing less

**** Stays true to source and will excite / unique twist involved

***** All the superlatives / unexpected ingenuity


If you were to never know the director, the premise or the actors, would this film blow you away?

Is it life changing, or easy to understand?

* Keep your money in your wallet / save for a very, very rainy day

** Painfully vanilla / painfully experimental / worth one watch

*** Worth money / zeitgeist fodder

**** Well worth your time / stimulating / perhaps too artsy or long for most

***** Out of this world / a great watch for all


A lettered system, the ultimate verdict to go by.

A+ is nigh on impossible to achieve owing to subjective opinion but included to present a full scale.

A+          15/15

A             13-14/15

A-           12/15

B+           11/15

B             9-10/15

B-            8/15

C+           7/15

C             5-6/15

C-            4/15

F              Anything below a C- is a goddamn monstrosity not worth considering